uChiGa has the most agreeable odor which is exhaled from his skin. The fragrance of his breath and body all over is good as to perfume the clothes which he wore next him.

The odor is:
His knowledge.
And The fragrances are:
His Principles.
His Philosophy.
His Teachings.
His Works.

uChiGa is a Master, Guru, Philosopher, Writer, Professor, Guide, and many more.

He Inspires. He Motivates. He Shares. He Helps. He doesn't like spoon feeding, so deciphering sometimes is necessary.

To comprehend his words completely is as good as To grasp your own Dreams.


Leaders are like feedback loops
If there is no loop, there’s an end.

To lead is to serve.
Experience is not a magnitude of Human Strength,
Rather a vector quantity called ‘guide’ towards a positive or negative path.
It is the reason why some end of the loops has polarity.


In breaking a bond, sometimes it is necessary to fully break it and never leave a fragment because once you planned to put everything back in piece that fragment could cause another breakage